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How to Turn Your Phoenixsingleshookup.com a Hookup into a Real Relationship

How to Turn Your Phoenixsingleshookup.com a Hookup into a Real Relationship

You have found an interesting match at Phoenixsingleshookup.com and now having a casual hook-up relationship. You are aware that there should be no strings attached nor should you fall for your partner. However, love simply does not come with instructions. Feelings just happen – you do not know how. Now, the question is ‘how can you turn your Phoenixsingleshookup.com hookup into a real relationship”? Let us help you find your way to that lucky person’s heart!

Examine what led you to hooking up with that person in the first place.

You start with somebody you barely know, have added some attraction and mixed it with a little chemistry like probably a splash of Pinot Noir, two tablespoon of trust and lowered inhibition, shake it well over a great cook night, and then voila! Perfect hook-up comes as a result. Usually, hook-up is literally a simple by-product of two individuals who meet in online dating site, or even in a bar then decided to avoid the formalities prior to getting heavy and hot. Almost always, the danger lies in identifying what motive drives you to get into a hook-up.

Before you raise the topic about making a quantum leap from simple messing around into a legitimate dating, you first need to spend time learning what brought you and your partner to this hook-up relationship. From there – from having a clear understanding about how hook-up happened, proceed to the next step or ways to shift the current temporary relationship into something that will last longer.

Listen and learn what your hook-up partner says and wants

Just because you want to bring your relationship in the next level, it does not mean your partner think about the same thing. If she is showing signs about an intention of making your relationship real, then that should only be the time to make a plan on how to make the hookup turn into real relationship.

Create Future Plans

It is not about inviting her or him to a wedding in five or six months. Just a simple, realistic plan like watching your favorite band together in the next month will do. When you got a plan, then send her or him a brief text (make sure your plan does not involve 11 pm).

Change the routine

Change your usual hook-up routine like hanging out every Saturday night and having sex into simple dinner. If you have been acting as if it is just fine to have a hook-up, then consider changing that behaviour and see whether or not s/he reciprocates.

Be who you are and let the other be who they are

You sure is looking for someone who genuinely accepts and loves the authentic you. So avoid changing yourself into someone that the other person desire just to let them fall for you. When it comes to your partner, if you are afraid that she or he might change later, it is a best bet to discern their traits you do not want and know if you can live with it in the long-term. If not, better stop your idea of turning the hook-up into real relationship.

There are countless other ways to turn your Phoenixsingleshookup.com a Hookup into a Real Relationship. The last way we can give you is, try avoiding or stop communicating with the other person after few weeks or months of being with them. Sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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