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The Most Popular Reasons Women have affairs

A lot of people are reluctant to discuss the issue of married women who cheat. The public believes that men are unfaithful when their wives await their wives at home. However the truth is not as clear cut. A growing number of married women are engaging in affair, and the number has increased by an average of 43 percent since 1980. Therefore, the proportion of wives who cheating, research shows that between 12 and 22% of them will not be faithful in the course of their relationship. The rate of cheating men on their spouses has remained the same. Women and men are both cheating with similar frequency, but the reasons women are involved in relationships may differ than males. Why are more women not faithful to their spouses? Let's look at the reasons why wives cheat.

They're not getting good sexual pleasure at Home in Phoenix

It's a popular belief that only men like sex, and that women are able to "take it or take it or leave it." It's not the case in a lot of cases. Women love to have sexual relations, and if they're not receiving the same from their partners (or they're not happy with it) is only natural that they'll seek it out elsewhere. A lot of women transfer their sexual desires to stay in their relationships. If they're not receiving pleasure from their partner, they'll seek out someone to offer it, thinking that this will prevent the separation of their relationships. Contrary to the belief that women are able to live without sexual the pleasure of sexual relations, many even consider leaving their spouses if they're not enjoying sexual pleasure at home. Women aren't inclined to leave their partners and thus they decide to cheat in order to obtain satisfaction they've been seeking. Alicia Walker, a professor at Missouri State University, spent an entire year interviewing women who had cheated with their husbands. She found that the main motive behind cheating is the need to protect their relationships.

An absence of love from their partner

One of the main reasons married women do not cheat is the lack of affection, love or respect from their spouse. Some women begin to feel like a housekeeper or nanny instead of a wife and they may end up looking for a new person to fill the gap they're lacking. Therapist for marriage Jessica Smith states, "Women tell me, "I felt lonely and unconnected, I wasn't feeling connected to my spouse, and felt like I was ignored. They tell me they want to find someone who could gaze at them to make them feel attractive again." A lot of women who cheat are seeking someone who will appreciate their individuality instead of the services they offer to the family. Social scientist Linda Wade believes that there is a great deal of anger from women over the divisions of work in the family and pointing out the obvious connection between the unbalanced distribution of work and married women who cheat. Married women are often unhappy in their relationship, whereas men may be happier, but they still cheat.

Drinking alcohol can lead to Married women cheating

One of the main reasons married women get involved in relationships is due to alcohol or drug abuse. Alcohol consumption can cause an affair that spirals into a spiral that is out of control. Alcohol can provide women (and males) an injection of "Dutch courage," lowering their inhibitions and diminishing their judgment. You'll likely be more relaxed and have less conscious about the consequences of their actions. Although someone may think about cheating while sober and when they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol it is more likely to actually commit the act. Many couples who cheat have done it due to the fact that they go to a bar with their friends and are with too many drinks, which leads them to look for thrills in the form of an affair or a single night stand. Furthermore drinking and then has a drink, they're giving themselves an easy scapegoat that allows the person to put their behavior on alcohol without difficulty. They could say, "I only cheated because I was drunk, "or" that alcohol was what made me to do it, " allows them to avoid the blame for their actions.

Why do women cheat with Married Men?

The practice known as "mate poaching" is growing more common as more women pursuing married males. If a woman is drawn to attractive men and is become more interested, especially if there is a relationship already going on. A study by The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology discovered that up to 90 percent of women were attracted to a guy they were told was not. However just 59% of women wanted an individual they believed to be single. The reason women cheat on married males is a challenging issue to answer, and there are many possibilities of solutions. A lot of people believe that the reason women have relationships with married men is because they're more mature. Certain women are drawn to men they think have greater sexual inclination when it comes to the bathroom. Another reason could be that a man who is married is considered to be more attractive because someone else has screened him. If someone else is interested in to marry him and has already gotten married and he's worthy of consideration? Another reason that married men are so attractive to women is because they don't want the commitment of. Many women aren't looking for a happy-ever-after situation that includes security and marriage. They might be looking for a hot hook-up or an intimate encounter with a hot man.

Married females' cheating has been increasing and bringing the level of infidelity to levels comparable to the men who cheat. The notion that it's only males that cheat with their spouses and that women are loyal to their partners is now a myth that has been shattered completely! It's true that married women are involved in affairs equally as men who are married and research suggests that 10-20% of couples in a long-term relationship or marriage be involved in sexual relations with people they should not. There are a myriad of reasons women are involved in affairs, ranging from a lack of affection and love from their spouse to wanting more sex, or drinking excessively.

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